Aug 30, 2008

Remuda Roundup - David's Horse Sale

Cody - David's youngest brother came to help him out.

Baylee loves acting like a cowgirl with her friends. Savannah helped
David lead horses through the ring. According to David
Savannah is quite the ranch hand - she just needs to grow
a few inches.

Braxton and Jennica loved crawling to the top of the bleachers

Cody and Sarah and their cute little family.

Braxton and Jennica love hanging out with Cambelle


Cori said...

Cute pictures. I loved the pictures on the other blog as well. Campbelle is sure getting big!

Jenn said...

We enjoyed seeing your family at the sale. It was such a hot day, but a fun one. All the photos of your kids are so darling. Looks like you guys have had a fun summer and great start into the school year.