Jun 22, 2008

Dad and Braxton

Braxton loves his Dad. Especially lately. When David is gone he always asks "where's Dad?" Or I miss Dad. Or when he's in trouble, "I WANT DAD". Anyway, I think Braxton gets a little tired of all the girls in his life. The poor thing has had to wear princess dresses, get his fingernails painted, and act like a Mommy. He has been a good sport but I can see a few of those things ending. He is definately all boy and is starting not to be such a willing participant to his sisters requests.


Marci said...

The hugs are what it's all about! I loved the hair sticking straight up picture. My little Carter has 2 pokies at the crown!! It helps them to stand out in a crowd. I love seeing the pictures and the HAPPY kids. You are doing a great job. By the way, I'm sorry to hear about your horse. Perhaps Darko will meet it on the other side. (if there's no mailboxes around.) with love, marci

Cori said...

Darling pictures. Looks like Braxton loves his daddy.