Jun 8, 2008

Pictures of the Poppies

Yes Lori these pictures were taken at the old stone house in Alpine. The poppies were not out in full bloom yet. Wait for maybe one more day and it will be perfect for some real good pictures. This week I think Tuesday or Wednesday is supposed to be cloud cover. We should get anyone that wants to come up and take pictures to go. My sister-in-law Lore was at Thanksgiving Point and got charged a $75.00 picture taking fee when she was helping her sister take someones senior pictures. So we can all go to the old stone house for free. Rachelle, you should bring Azure, Lexi, and Gabby. It would be fun. This time we need to have Camille's kids there too. It would be cute to get some pictures of the cousins and friends.

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Cori said...

Yes we broke the law!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure the law doesn't apply to the three year olds. But I guess we have to warn the kids next time not to pick the flowers:)!!!