Feb 9, 2009

Twins explore everything

Now this is a room they usually don't play in. But, they tried it out today. When I found them in the washer I had to take a picture. They were trying to close the lid. Sadly, they turned over my basket of clean clothes all over the laundry room floor and knocked off most of the hangers. But, I made them help me clean it up. On my decorating saga I finally bought a comforter today for the master bedroom. I got it on overstock.com for about $129 - I found the exact same set on another web site for over $500 so I'm feeling pretty proud of myself. I was purchasing my new comforter when the twins decided to explore the laundry room and sadly to say Baylee's room again. I need to put Baylee's room together before she gets home from school - yes it is that bad. See what happens when Mom goes shopping on the internet. Sigh.


Cori said...

I'm sorry about the kids making a mess out of your laundry room! You were probably spending too much time talking to me. Congrats on your new comforter, I'm going to check it out, you should post the picture on your blog.

Lori said...

Evan was just saying today that would be fun to get in the washer/dryer to see what it was like (and he's almost 9). I guess we're all a little curious--so at age 3(and with a little encouragement from some one the same age and size) heck you just gotta check it out. Poor big sisters room! I'm anxious to see what you found too! how fun and motivating--I've been thinking about doing my bedroom too!

Camille said...

Your kids all all washed up! Literally! I guess there is never a place that can't be explored!