Feb 18, 2009

Digital Scrapbooking by myself!

Okay guys - I did it. I created a page without anyone's help. Okay, maybe just one call to Corianne. . . . . . but still I take full credit. I did miss having Corianne's input and creativity to help me - but it turned out okay. Thanks Cori for all your help. Thanks Camille for cheering me on. This was not easy for me. It stinks to be an 80's child. These young sprout things can pop out digital scrapbooking pages like crazy. Us older youngins take a little longer to catch on. Now I'm excited to learn how to make my own invitations and announcements without having to bug my sister. Hey, I might even learn how to change my own blog background. That would be an accomplishment.


Cori said...

Good job! That turned out so cute! I knew you'd catch on! That paper looks cute with his sweater.

Camille said...

Darling Laura! See, I knew it was in you! :)

The Ridgeways said...

Super Cute! Don't you just love Shabby Princess paper! I started digital scrapbooking last year and haven't done a paper layout since. I love being able to move and change things and not go oh crap I just cut a $2 paper crooked, lol. I have tons of sites I go too for free stuff etc. Email me and I will send you a list. I so love this digital thing. melanie.ridgeway @ gmail.com

Thanks for your comments about Lore, she is a great person I think she sometimes wishes I could keep my mouth shut, lol, but at least she knows I care!