Mar 1, 2009

Project 52

I took the challenge that Kate Moss gave at Peekaboo photos to take 52 candid shots of you and or your kids throughout the year. Since I love taking pictures of my kids I thought - why not. Plus she's giving prizes. So here goes.

Jennica was feeling under the weather today and yesterday so the day was starting to drag. We made feather hats to keep us entertained.

Baylee wrapped up in her favorite pink silky blanket that she's had for forever.

This picture was taken yesterday. Braxton got into the winter hats and scarves and found this hat. I forgot I even had it.

Here's my three goofs who love to pose for the camera now. Problem is most of the pictures are them with their mouths wide open.

Pretty silly kids. We filled the rest of the day with dancing to Baylee's high school musical C.D. and yes a little fighting amongst themselves. Can I just say, "bring on the sun". I'm ready to let my kids play outside now.


Cori said...

Cute pictures! Looks like fun.

Wendy said...

Looks like we've got 2 days of beautiful weather coming. Yeah! (You're kids don't fight do they?)