Jun 25, 2009

The Digital Switch

David and I have used an antenna located in our attic to watch TV since forever. When we heard about the switch from analog to digital we knew it would affect us because, (1) Our T.V.'s were old, (2) we used an antenna.

We ordered a coupon to obtain a converter box. We got two coupons worth $40 in the mail. We promptly kept them until they expired. They expire 90 days after you get them. I called the number on the cards and got new ones. I received my new cards in the mail on June 13th a day after the switch to digital. The cost of the coverter boxes were $50 each so I was out $20 bucks - no biggie.

By now we had been without TV for a week and I was ready to have TV back. I came home and tried to follow the instructions and hook up the converter box. All I got was a no signal sign.

I called our local antenna place and was told that I was probably in the gray zone and wouldn't be able to get any digital reception even though I had gotten analog reception just fine.

I was told that if I was located north of the canal I wouldn't get anything. Since I am located one block south of the canal I was hopeful but the guy still thought I wouldn't get reception. I really became annoyed at this point. Why did the government care if I watched TV using an analog or digital signal anyway? I really didn't want to pay for something that I had gotten for free. Geesh.

Luckily David talked with our neighbor and friend Porter Rockwell (yes that's really his name - and he is a direct descendant) who happens to live three houses to the south of us. Anyway, he was watching TV at his home using a converter box and had way more channels than he did when it was analog. I think he even said he used bunny ears for the antenna - I can't remember for sure.

Were really lucky because Porter brought his wife's nephew (who Porter introduced to me as a genius) to my home to set up my converter box. After about 30 minutes he had it working. I had way more stations to watch than I ever did before. I got all of the local stations plus three or four Spanish stations, weather stations, and just plain useless stations - one broadcasts the current weather conditions all day long. Anyway, I was really excited to get KBYU and KUED again so my kids could watch Arthur in the afternoons. They love that show and honestly so do I. I should use that little half hour to get something done but seriously I get sucked into Arthur too. Okay, I'm getting off the subject.

I just wanted people to know in my area that if you think or are told that you can't get a digital reception because your in Highland or North American Fork their wrong. You simply need to find your local neighborhood genius - give him a couple of movie tickets (which ours didn't even want to accept) and ask him/her for some help. You might need the genius to be a him because if your TV is old it probably weighs around 300 lbs (I'm serious about the weight).

Anyway, just a little shout out to the Rockwell's "THANK YOU" for helping us. By now we would have probably signed up for Dish Network and would be paying $40.00 a month for TV (they are having a special right now for $9.99 per month for 6 months and then it goes to $40.00 per month after that - you have to sign a 24 month contract). We owe the Rockwell's some cash I think. We will definately be buying them dinner.


Cori said...

I'm glad you got your t.v. working!

The Highland Hill's said...

that's definitely nice...did you know you could hook your computer up to your tv and watch tv shows through nbc.com or abc.com etc...for free...

plus, there's hulu.com and many other websites that offer free movies etc...plus you can signup for netflicks and get streaming movies right on your computer through your tv...that's how we have it and it works out great...