Aug 16, 2009

Demolition Derby at the County Fair

The Bunker's had their annual "Red Neck" night on Saturday. We started out having dinner at David's sister Gayle's home. We had hot dogs, hamburgers, creamy jello, beans, and potato salad. Yummy!

Then we went to the fair grounds and listened to really loud music while cars hit each other. Braxton loved it! Jennica, not so much. She wasn't feeling well and I considered staying home with her but at $10.00 for a pre-paid ticket I hated to do that. I gave her motrin, packed a blanket and she seemed to do fine. I know I'm a bad Mom. But, hasn't everyone done that at least once? Especially since she was on the tail end of it. Off the subject but why are kids getting sick in the summer anyways? Wierd.

Anyways, we had tons of fun and are looking forward to doing the same thing next year. I highly recommend it.

The Cars and The Crashes

Jennica's personal favorite car:

The People: Did I mention their were some real rednecks there?

Braxton loved the car crashes the best!


Camille Winona Photography said...

This looks like so much fun! You guys are doing such fun things as a family!

Cori Henderson said...

Looks like fun!

Nanci said...

Laura, this is awesome. I wish I would have known about it. Both my 18yr old and 3 yr old would love it.