Aug 20, 2009

I know I'm pathetic

I've neglected this blog long enough. I can't believe I have never changed my background for this long. I'm sure all my friends and family are way past sick of it. Anyway, I just want to apologize right now for the typo in my new header. Yes I had a kid on my lap and I do know how to spell bunhouse oh I mean Bunkhouse. Okay, I know thats not funny but right now it is to me. he he. It gets pretty pathetic around here in the humor department. Anyway, I will be fixing this blog shortly but not today. Enjoy the change -spelling errors and all-.


Cori Henderson said...

I liked the old background:) You're not pathetic. New background looks cute though! I hate typos.

Camille Winona Photography said...

Thanks for the laugh! It's all good! At least you are keeping up on your family blog. I've abandoned mine altogether.