Nov 26, 2009


I've already posted these on my photography blog - but thought I would share them here too.

Our family went to Oklahoma City last week to watch our stallion (a son of Red Buck) Bucks N Moore perform. He did awesome. Our kids did awesome and we just had a lot of fun. It was great not having to cook or do wash for a week.

Although last week was great - I'm paying for it this week. I'm trying to dig out of the pile of laundry in my wash room and getting everyones sessions edited for their Christmas cards. November is certainly one of my busiest months of the year. So much fun though. Now, when do I find to sleep - that is my question. There really isn't time.


samantha said...

hey laura. i love reading your blog! your kids are darling and you take the most beautiful pictures. i only wished i lived closer so i could have you take pictures of my girls!

feel free to check out my blog!

Cori Henderson said...

Laura, David's stallion is beautiful, and your picture taking skill is AMAZING! I Love all the pictures!!!

The Highland Hill's said...