Dec 26, 2009

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve with my side of the family which has been our tradition forever. The Taylor family usually does a big meal, some activities for the kids, and then the high light is the nativity that is acted out by the younger cousins. This year Braxton and Jennica were Mary and Joseph and I must say they were so cute. Of course I might be prejudiced. They took their roles so seriously.

Later in the evening things got really interesting. My husband, brother and brother-in-law really let their hair down and performed for us in the talent show. I got it all on my camera - can't wait to post it. But, for now here is the kids building their gingerbread houses and acting out the nativity.

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Cori Henderson said...

Those are way cute Laura! This years nativity was the best it has ever been:)!!! Especially with that many kids.