Dec 27, 2009

Christmas Eve Party Continued. . . .

After the nativity we had a talent show. Here is my niece Brielle who entertained all of us so amazingly well.

My nephew's Cash and Carson showing us their karate moves.

Braxton and Jennica singing the only song they know. The "ABC" song.

Baylee and her cousins singing "Silent Night"

The boys showing their paper airplane skills.

The kids dance away to Sadie's awesome piano skills.

Mark on the Piano

Then the guys get wild


Cori Henderson said...

Yes I must get all of these from you! How fun is that?! I love it!

cheryl said...

With viewing these pictures, and being a member of this family, I thought we had better post that there was absolutely no alcohol involved. The actions of these men are under a sober and sane(?) mind.