Mar 15, 2010

Sunday Pictures

Today I didn't get any pictures of my kids before church. They kinda looked like gypsies anyway. Jennica insisted on wearing bright purple polka dot tights with a bright pink and brown dress. Luckily I talked her out of it right before we left. I had Braxton all dressed up ready to go when at the last minute he changed into his salmon colored cowboy shirt which clashed with his khaki dress pants. Baylee was the only one that looked good. Anyway, I didn't bother taking their pictures. But, after church we went with David down to the "Farm" where he has to feed his 30 horses every day. We all had fun getting out in the balmy 40 degree weather and catching some sunshine.

Here's some of the pictures.

Yes, she is walking in horse poop. Luckily it was cold.

They started having foot races and you can see who always won and who always came in last. Finally, Jennica refused to participate. So Braxton and Baylee decided to let her win. They were running pretty slow so that she could be the one and clear winner. Kinda funny. She loved it though.


Cori Henderson said...

Those are so cute!!!

Bunny Rock'n'rolla said...

So sweet babys!
Pure Angels! Wonderful!!!

Lori said...

Fun love the pics!