Jul 6, 2010

Look who's riding a Bike!

Braxton came in the house the other day so excited. He had taught himself how to ride a bike. I was so surprised and a little alarmed. I'm not really ready for him to be able to be so mobile. Our driveway is a blind driveway with tons of bushes on both sides - so if he doesn't stop and look both ways at the end of the driveway it could be trouble. The other day I was standing on my driveway when he got on his bike and started towards the road. At the same time I saw a big black diesel truck pulling a trailer come barrelling down the road. It seemed that it was going so fast. I yelled at Braxton to stop but he has had double ear infections and cannot hear very well right now. They both met each other at the same time. Luckily Braxton stopped when he should. It just scared me to death.

I've put an old bike in the middle of our street when he asks to ride his bike. That way cars have to go really slow around the bike. I'm sure my neighbors are probably wondering what it's doing out there. But, hopefully it will keep Braxton safe.


Yes he wanted to look tough on this one. . .

He's such a goof. It is hard to get a picture of him looking at the camera and smiling.

We do get it every once in awhile

Okay, this is a little forced - but I'll take it.


The Ridgeways said...

I know your fear but holy crap that is awesome! I have been trying to get the girls to ride their bikes, I guess they need some of that no fear stuff that all little boys have, lol

FOREVER YOUNGblood said...

The whole bike in the road is a awesome idea! I can't even count how many times my kids have done something like almost ride to the road or whatever and I almost having a heart attack. The joys of motherhood! lol

Cori Henderson said...

I think the bike in the road's a good idea too! Seriously!!! And I wish my girls would just get on their bikes and start riding all by themselves. That's awesome!!!