Oct 3, 2010

Horse Lesson's

I took my camera and captured Baylee at her horse lesson's the other day. Yes, I shouldn't have let her wear capri's with her cowboy boots. Especially since I took my camera with me. But, my camera was just sitting on the counter and I decided to grab it as I ran out the door. She was almost late (seems like that's how we roll around here). So there she is in her not so put together cowboy outfit.

I really am proud of her though. She was so fearful of horses (since she got bucked off one at age five) that we thought she wouldn't ever ride again. She has overcame her fears and is doing so well.

The horse wouldn't move away from the wall so she could tighten the cinch. She got in there and started pushing him.





Cori Henderson said...

Love those pictures! Looks like so much fun. Way to go Baylee!!

Lori said...

Way to go Baylee! She looks like a pro! Do you still ride?

Camille said...

Baylee looks so cute and grown up! Good job to overcome your fear Baylee!