Jan 8, 2009

Christmas Eve

We always act out the nativity with the Taylor side on Christmas Eve. Braxton was a wiseman and was holding a little bag of golden coins (chocolate inside). When it came time to lay the money down at Jesus feet this is what we got. Braxton couldn't give his money to Jesus. We talked to him and tried to explain how important it was. But. . . . . . . .sometimes kids just make parents so proud.

The Taylor's always have a talent show. We didn't plan on these boys doing anything for it - but they decided to sing a song. It was cute.

My angel and wiseman. Doesn't Braxton look happy to have his money.

Brielle was Mary and Carson was Joseph.

The nativity is usually my favorite part of the Christmas Eve program. This year we ran into quite a few glitches. It was still really cute though.

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Cori said...

The nativity didn't have the glitches to me, everything else did! Ha ha, kinda funny.