Jan 8, 2009

Twins Preschool Program

We left our camera at home during our twins preschool presentation. It was so cute though. They acted out the nativity and sang songs for us. Their teacher is really good and has a great curriculum. Its so fun to see them try to write their names and stuff. So far Jennica can write a really good J - and Braxton can write a B. They show me the letters in their names everywhere we go.

Braxton's reindeer hat was just a little big.


Cori said...

I never did get to see all your Christmas decorations! They look so cute on your mantle. I wanted one of those wire trees but I had no where to put it, a mantle is perfect. Your kids look cute too, by the way, I love Jennica's outfit!

Camille said...

I had to comment even though it is Jan. 13th. I guess I haven't blog in quite a while. Your decor is DARLING!!! You at you be a little decorator!!!