Jan 9, 2009

Sierra's three year old birthday party

Sierra (cousin) turned three! I think she ate the entire bottle of sprinkles. At least Cori threw the bottle away when she was done.

Jennica loved Sierra's birthday party - except for the unwrapping part - she wanted to be a part of that action. She needs to get used to it because there are several more birthdays to go.

Braxton and Corbin also wanted to get into the unwrapping action. Sierra had lots of help in that department.

Brielle was being a thoughtful big sister during the party.

Sierra wouldn't wear the birthday girl crown - But Camiah loved it.
All in all it was one wild and crazy party. My kids had a blast. The noise level was pretty high - but still didn't reach the levels Baylee party did. Lots of fun. Happy Birthday Sierra.


Cori said...

That picture of Jennica is adorable. So is the one of Braxton and Corbin of course. Cute little kids.

Camille said...

Of course Camiah probably demanded to be the princess!!! Hope she didn't steel the crown! What cute pictures of them all!