May 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to Braxton. NOT.

In primary today they asked if anyone had a birthday this week so they could sing happy birthday to them. Braxton raised his hand and told them that his birthday was today. (Note: Braxton at least once a weeks announces that today is his birthday - this is something that has been re-occuring since he turned four last month.)

Anyway, they brought him up to the front of the room and I guess he wore a birthday hat and they sang happy birthday to him. Also, they let the kids pick a little b-day gift out of a bucket. Someone mentioned that they thought it might not be Braxton's birthday today. I think someone thought it was strange that his twin sister was sitting quietly by her teacher not saying a word. She knew it wasn't her birthday. Anyway, they took him out into the hall to see the primary secretary who confirmed that it was not his birthday. I don't know if they took his toy or present away or not. He came home with a few stickers and a handout but that could have been from his teacher.

On the way home he told me that today was his birthday and that we needed to make him a cake. Later in the day he found a cake mix in the pantry and brought it to me for his birthday.

I heard this story second handed so I might have mixed things up a bit. I did find it funny though. If the primary presidency doesn't watch closely (they must have forgot they sang to him last month) they will be singing happy birthday to Braxton every month or maybe every week. He'll clean out their birthday gifts fast.


Cori said...

What a little stinker. He's such a funny kid.

Nanci said...

I love it!! I'm afraid for society as Jack gets older because I could see him doing something like this and I scold him while I try to fight back the laughter. I better get it together.
Did you bake him an unbirthday cake?