Sep 7, 2009

Family Reunion

My family had the best time this weekend at a cabin up fairview canyon. There was fishing, four wheeling, but best of all good company. We spent Saturday with my Dad's brother and sister and their kids and their kids. I think there was about 70 people in the cabin and there was plenty of room. It was so much fun. It's been way to long since we have gotten together like that. I remember how much I enjoyed playing with my cousins when we got together as kids. Now our kids can have as much fun as we did.

We will definately do this more often.

I will post some of the pictures I took. But, most people thought I was pretty annoying walking around with my camera - so I tried not to take too many.

Braxton coloring with his cousin Corbin.

My lovely sister Corianne who wore her hair curly for once. She has beautiful natural curls and she hates it.

My cousin Brenda and Darin.

The little kids had so much fun in their gang. Have to say the most of the little kids were Taylor cousins.

Had to sneak a picture of Jennica. She never lets me if she knows.

Katie, Brian Harris, my cousins daughter. She's a total athlete and so fun.

Some of the teenagers. What a cool picture if they would have moved away from the car. But, the guys didn't want to stop their game to take this one so I was lucky to get it.

Corine and Katie. David and Brian's girls. They were so fun.

Just visiting

Brooke, my sister Cheryl's daughter.

Payton, Darin and Brenda's daughter

My sweet Mom working in the kitchen.

Logan, Bryan and Teara's son.

Baylee and Kaitlin chilling.

Braxton and Carson


Cori Henderson said...

That was fun this weekend! Pictures look awesome too!

Chandler said...

I just got all caught up - everything looks like a blast. How did you end up in Fairview canyon - we love that canyon! Corianne's picture looks amazing!

Just Express It said...

It was really fun. Cute pics I love the one of the teenagers very cute.

Lori said...

How much fun. Great picture of Darin and Brenda. So fun to see all the cute kids. Thanks for the birthday messages!