Jan 21, 2010


My kids love holidays and want to decorate for Valentines. I used a tree that I had for Christmas and hung Valentine hearts on them. Jennica loved it. Does any one else have any fun Valentine decorations? Oh, and don't ask about the cat ears Jennica was wearing. She is always a cat - ever since Halloween.


Lisa said...

Laura your photography is divine!
I aspire to be as good as you one day, I have a problem with my lighting.


Lisa said...

Laura do you use natural light?

Cori Henderson said...

Awww, Jennica. She is such a funny girl. I love the cat ears. Way cute Valentine's tree! I need to do something in the way of decor for Valentine's so far I have nothing.

Lore said...

Valentines...Valentines... Why does that sound familiar?
Oh- Ya.. it’s also known as Single Awareness Day!

Lisa said...

Thanks Laura, My camera's ISO cannot go past 400 without the image becoming too grainy. I just finished reading some reviews of the D700 and it states it does well with portraits, I was always hung up on saving for the canon 5d may I ask why you went with Nikon?


Anonymous said...
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samantha said...

love your heart decoration! so adorable.

your pictures are lovely, i wish i lived closer to you!

MikelaRose said...

you take the most amazing pictures