Sep 27, 2010

Twins Umbrella Hut

Before church on Sunday I couldn't find the twins. David found them on our front sidewalk with a umbrella. They thought they had made the coolest hut. Both of them were mad at me by invading their privacy with my camera. I was seriously 25 feet away from them - but they still didn't like it.

I know the whitebalance is off and it's not a perfect photo but it does capture what these two do every morning. They love to play make believe with their stuffed animals. Notice that Braxton has his brief case again. If you look at the picture of him in Baylee's class room he's got his brief case with him there too. Such a funny little man. He carries around all of his treasures (aka=junk).


Lisa said...

Love this!
I love my twins relationship, it really is something.

Cori Henderson said...

How cute! I love Jennica's dress, it looks pretty:) We sure miss you guys!

Camille Winona Photography said...

I think this is absolutely adorable! What a fun memory they will have of this! I'm sure they do get tired of their mom always clicking her camera!

Lori said...

Love it! They will appreciate all these pictures and memories ONE day! It's nice to hear someone elses child packs their stuff in something. I swear we loose things all the times and not sure which suitcase, back pack, ...we'll find it in.