Feb 13, 2011

Jennica getting ready to play outside

Did you enjoy the 40 degree weather this weekend?  We sure did.  It was so nice to get out and feel the sun on our faces.  We played outside a lot this weekend.  We did have a little bit of a tragedy though. . . Baylee's bunny that we bred a month ago had her babies.  They all died.  I thought that we should put fleece in their cage to keep them warm.  I guess they got caught in the fleece and they died.  Baylee was so sad.  There were four of them.  We dug a little grave today and had a little cry.  They would have been ready for Easter so Baylee is especially distraught.  We'll try again real quick and see if we can do better.


Lisa said...

She is adorable!!
I'm sorry to hear about the bunnies Laura.

Cori Henderson said...

She is just too adorable! I'm so sorry about your bunnies!!!

Camille said...

Jennica is one of the cutest little girls I know! Sorry to hear your bunnies died... you're right, seems to cold to be having babies. I would have put the fleece in too :(