Feb 18, 2011

Someone else lost a tooth

Another tooth is gone.  Jennica was so excited to put her tooth under her pillow last night.  We talked about what the toothfairy would leave her. . . then I went off to get things done.  This morning when I went into her room I saw the look on her face as she grabbed the tooth out from under her pillow.  Nothing from the toothfairy was there.  I quickly ran and found the money the toothfairy had left by our front door.  She must have decided that Jennica would be too sad to have her little tooth disappear.  Whew, Jennica was thrilled.  She got her tooth and two dollars.  Wish the tooth fairy would get it together sometime soon.

Braxton lost another tooth as well.  I'm wondering if his really should have came out. . . I think it may be too exciting for these two twiners to lose teeth.  It was Braxton that pulled out Jennica's tooth.  Her's sure did bleed for a long time.  It has been about two weeks and there is no sign of a new tooth yet.


Camille said...

The tooth fairy really must be working overtime because she does the same thing in our house! She needs to get with the program! Congrats to Jennica. She looks darling!

Cori Henderson said...

Jennica looks so adorable with her missing tooth! Camille's right, the tooth fairy must be working overtime:) Brielle is losing her 8th tooth today!

The Ridgeways said...

Too cute! Love that purple outfit too. Sage is sad because she lost two and then nothing . . . I think she thought she would loose them all at once or something.