Feb 27, 2011

Jennica's B-day party last year.

Last year I threw a fancy smanshy birthday party for Jennica.  I did it partly because I follow too many party blogs and partly to see how well I could photograph an event.

After it was all said and done it cost me more time and money than I care to admit.  This year I have decided that simple is better.  I'm thinking that rollerskating kinda sounds like a good idea.  Problem is Jennica now thinks that her birthdays need to be elaborate.  She has been planning her six year old party for over a year now.   

She wants to have a princess Ball.  She wants Braxton to invite all of his friends to dance with all the girls.  She wants a glass glitter ball to hang from the ceiling.  Her cake, well she want's a wedding cake.  White on white with flowers and edible balls.  I'm not kidding.  Where did she come up with this?  I've really been talking the rollerskating thing up.  Braxton is so easy, he is fine with whatever. . . .hmmm maybe boys really are easier than girls.

Anyway, another party blog asked if they could feature Jennica's party.  The party has actually been featured in many party blogs.  Click HERE for the link.


FOREVER YOUNGblood said...

You did such a cute job!! I looked at the link. SOOOOO cute!! I wish I could something like that for little one but I am just not talented :) I always enjoy seeing your pictures. They come out so cute.

Cori Henderson said...

That was the cutest party!