Apr 2, 2011

What the kid's did this weekend

Our neighbor's the Zolman's have sheep and I've been wanting to take their picture for some time now.  Well, I didn't have any luck getting a picture of a sweet sheep with a kid hugging it.  Instead I got pictures of some worn out sheep that outran a pack of neighborhood kids.  Kind of funny.

Look how tired the sheep were getting.  At the end all of their tongues were hanging out of their mouths.  The kid's out chased the sheep.  They hardly wanted to stop.


Cori Henderson said...

How funny! Looks like the kids are having fun. Wish I could say the same for the sheep:) You should still try to get some of a kid with a sheep at some point though:) They're so cute!

Lore said...

Oh way to funny!!! I love the pic of the sheep peeing so funny!!! I want to bring up the boys to come see the baby animals... say when.

:) -Lore

stephaniegiese said...

Hi Laura. Thanks for your helpful comments on my blog. I came over to visit yours and you are blessed with amazing photography skills. I love your blog header! and the pics of the baby bunnies are adorable.

Camille said...

Looks like a blast! What fun pics!

Lisa said...

Now that is funny!
That's right sheep children have way more energy than you all.
Love it.

Heidi said...

Ha ha! That was so funny! You really are amazing... your photography is beautiful!