Mar 29, 2011

Sick Day

Baylee woke up too sick to go to school today.  She complained of a headache and a stomach ache.  I put her in my bed and gave her an ibuprofen.  An hour later she woke up and said she was feeling much much better.  But, as the day progressed I began to wonder if she was sick at all?  You decide?


Kerri said...

Everyone needs a good "sick" day once in a while. :) Her hair is the most gorgeous color ever! And I would love to get together for lunch sometime! Let me know when you've got some free time and I'll see what I can do.

Cori Henderson said...

Um, she doesn't look very sick to me:)

Camille said...

That is hilarious... reminds of Camiah.

Camille said...
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Lisa said...

I remember when I was younger once I put a heating pad on my forehead and endured the pain of the heat. Oh no, I didn't stop there, I then drizzled, a bit of water on the old forehead just for the sweat effect you know.
Then I yelled for my mom.
Bingo! No school-e-o for this one.
Where the heck would I have learned that?