Jul 19, 2008

Baylee at the Parade

Baylee has never been a kid to fight other kids in the street for parade candy. Today was no different. She did get a few pieces that hit her in the head though. After the parade was over she complained that she hardly got any candy and David and I just laughed because it's usually us in the street collecting candy for her. This year we sat behind some elderly people that we just couldn't butt in front of. Anyway, it put a crimp in her candy bag. Maybe she will get out there and fight for the candy in the next parade. Since we usually go to all Highland (heck we live there got to support that one), Cedar Hills (Dad's job as City engineer requires us to be there), and Alpine (I don't need to explain why there - it's just tradition.) Steel Days has been an extra one we picked up on the last few years and I think we go to it just because it's first and were not totally sick of them yet.


Cori said...

Cute picture of Baylee, so photogenic! I know, we didn't get very much candy, but I wasn't too upset about it:)

Lori said...

It sure brings back the memories...Alpine Days was the best (wasn't it?) How lucky you are to share those memories with your kids...looks like a lot of fun.