Jul 18, 2008

Children's Primary Bike Parade

The primary organized a bike parade this morning. Last night I bought crepe paper and balloons and we decorated their tricycles and bike. By this morning all that was left was a heap of crepe paper all over my driveway with popped balloons everywhere. There went that. So we took our bikes to the park undecorated. When we got there Braxton took off with all the big kids on his tricycle. Baylee and Jennica refused to get on their bikes and just waked along. It's funny because I have such happy memories of decorating my bike as a kid and riding it in the parade. I used to think it was so fun. Guess my kids have a different idea. Tomorrow morning were going to brave the steel days parade. David and I already put our chairs out in front of Albertsons for good seats under a small tree. Anyone that wants to join us is welcome.


Cori said...

I love those pictures. The twins look so cute in those hats! I love it! It was fun going to the parade with you guys!

Marci said...

Laura Lou,
Isn't it great that we remember things differently, Alpine Days was the highlight of the year. Don't worry about the balloons or paper. I just did the basics, taped a homemade sign to their handlebars and called it good. Besides,I bet our bikes were not fancy when we were kids either. Loved the flashback pictures. It was really touching to see how far things can come!