Sep 22, 2009

News Update

Yes it's true. . . David was seen on channel five and fox 13 news last night. Cedar Hill's water tank had an equipment malfunction and it did not quit pumping water like it should have. A few yards got water and debri on it. Not really a big deal. But, Saturday night we got a call from "911" emergency . . . evidently channel 4 thought they needed an interview with David that night. David was NOT happy that they used emergency dispatch to get to him. They were not granted an interview.

For some odd reason David doesn't like being on prime time TV. Darn it. Because the kids and I get a big kick out of it. My parents recorded him so we'll be able to watch his 2 minutes to fame over and over. . hee hee.


Lori said...

Funny David! Really he doesn't want to be on the news...maybe you can be his spokeswoman!

Kaylene said...

Maybe you could find out someway to get it on youtube so those of us out of staters can see his handsome mug!