Feb 26, 2010

For the joy of photography

Okay, I've kind of been taking too many pictures lately. I'm bugging my kids to death. But, I really do enjoy it. In fact I love it. Otherwise I wouldn't be doing it. March is quickly coming and that is the month which I took the plunge and was mentored by someone who I thought was one of the best photographer's I knew of at the time. I learned tons from her. How to master manual settings, lighting, composition, photoshop. Since then I've done other workshops and have put countless hours into shooting and editing.

It has been an amazing journey. Sometimes, especially in the beginning I would get so discouraged that I wish I had never started. I even resigned to give up a few times. But, I guess I just love it to much. I think you have to. Unfortunately it hasn't been a profitable venture because I am always buying better equipment. Geesh, who knew that you needed lenses that could cost as much as a great camera. That was kind of a disappointing discovery. But, you might be able to make enough money to pay for your next lens that you discovered you absolutely had to have.

Anyway, to anyone trying to improve your photography skills keep working on it. It will pay off and it is rewarding in many ways.

Here's a few more of my poor kids doing their every day thing with a camera in their face. . .again. It will take some serious bribing to get them to do a real photoshoot with me. I'll save that for our yearly family photoshoot.

And to all of you blog stalkers out there - visit my photography site: laurabunker.com. For some reason blogger has really been putting this blog out in cyberspace and I've been getting tons of hits here. In fact I put a counter on three days ago and I've already had over 490 hits. So I really need to steer people towards my "real" photography blog. Please go HERE.

Also, if enough people are interested I might post a "helpful" photography tip on this blog about once a week. I get asked so many questions about how, why, or where to buy. Drop me an email or leave a comment if that would interest you.


Cori Henderson said...

What a good idea Laura to do photography tips! You're so good!

Cori Henderson said...

By the way, CUTE CUTE pictures of your kids:)

~Jen~ said...

So please don't think I am strange! I am a blog stalker, I think I got linked to you from another blog I stalk (A greenfield photography) where I also got the idea to do a sunday picture shoot each week. I love your stuff and peek often. I'd love any photo tips you got, I share your obsession.

I do have a rule though, that if I peek I have to allow others as well. I have 3 blogs, a family one, 365 one and my photog one.


mom said...

Hi Laura, I would love, love, love some photo tips. I'm going to be a grandma of 8 by the end of 2010 and want/need great photos of my grandkids and their families. I do some photoshop and have a Cannon G11 so should be able to take some decent shots. Your pictures are so alive and beautiful. It's great seeing the kids growing up through your lenses. Thanks for sharing. Amy

Lani & Tyler said...

Laura, I found you on Cori's Blog. I love Cori! I think she is the best! You are so great too! You both have such great taste! I have been watching your photography blog for a while but I just saw this one on your birthday post...very cute princess party! I would love some good photography tips!!!! Thanks for sharing! I get so excited to see you and Cori's new post all the time! :) -Lani