Feb 6, 2010

Prayers for Bronson

The Staker family had an accident a week ago Saturday. Their 18 month old son Bronson is in need of some prayers. His life is hanging in the balance. Their story has touched me deeply and is good for every one read. You will definitely hold your kids a little tighter and things will be put into perspective for you.

You can read their story HERE.

Meanwhile I will be praying for Bronson.


Ashleigh said...

I have been following their story this week too and have shed many tears. So sad. We are praying for baby Bronson too.

Cori Henderson said...

Me too. Their poor family.

Absolutelywhyaard said...

Laura, I stumbled upon your blog and immediately clicked the link to the Staker Family's story - I have personally emailed Sara. How heartwrenching... I am the mother of 9 children myself... I can only imagine their anguish! I feel so deeply for them and have already begun prayers for Bronson and their family!

Lore said...

Laura, thank you for the link, I can not imagine the pain that as a mother I would feel in this situation. I will be hugging my children extra tight tonight!