Mar 6, 2011

Switching from Canon to Nikon

Many people jump into photography every day and wonder what they should buy Nikon or Canon.

First thing to know is that I have no clue how to use a Canon in manual.  I purchased a Nikon and read the manual and taught myself from reading online how to use the camera in manual.  I practiced, practiced, practiced.  With that said I often get asked if I can help someone use their canon in manual.  I can't.  I've kind of looked into it and it seemed complicated to me.  Nikon's just seem easier.  That's my opinion and probably not a fair one at that.  But, with that said I have noticed a few professional photographers that have switched from Canon to Nikon.  I have never seen any professional photographer go from Nikon to Canon.

Check out THIS and THIS.  On Pinkletoes blog (the last THIS) make sure you read the comments on her posts.  

Now, I also want to add that there are some amazing photographers that use canon.  This post is really just my opinion.  I think Nikon is a little more user friendly.

Finally, I have many friends/neighbors that have asked me to teach them how to take a picture like I do.  I feel the need to share whats in my camera bag so a person can understand that having the right equipment is what makes a professional photographers picture better than someone who owns a start up SLR.  Knowledge on how to use that equipment is key - most definitely - but still equipment is important. 

Here's whats in my bag:
Nikon D700
70-200 2.8 Nikor lens
50 mm 1.4 Nikor lens
105 mm 2.8 Nikor lens
SB 600 Speedlight

There is also several memory cards, gray cards, props, soft boxes etc etc. . . . .


Cori Henderson said...

Oh I know equipment is key. I always tell people that. Good information and I'm glad I'm a Nikon girl:)

Jenn said...

Beautiful pictures and such a lovely family. Thanks for sharing. I only wish my pictures were half as lovely. My camera isn't even in the running:)

Camille said...

wonderful and informative post!