Mar 7, 2011

The many faces of Braxton

Braxton is such a ham.  He is an amazingly sweet boy.  I grew up in a family of seven kids - 5 girls and 2 boys.  My Mom claims (and I believe her because I was there) that her two boys were harder than her 5 girls put together.  With that said, I was afraid to have a boy.  I thought it would be so hard.  Braxton has made me totally change my mind about that.  He is so easy going and he is also a great politician.  He knows how to make each person in the family feel like they are the most special to him.  Just love this little guy.
Okay the above picture is the bug eye look.  He tends to squint for the camera so I say, "Open your eyes", and this is what I get.  Kinda funny.


Brittney said...

Thanks for sharing David with us for the week end! It was fun to see him, but we did miss the rest of you! Hope all is well.

Cori Henderson said...

What funny kid! He's a sweetheart:)

Camille said...

Braxton is such a fun & handsome little guy!