Mar 16, 2011

color correcting pictures

I finished an online mentoring class with Jodie at MCP actions.  I found the class very helpful.  It was the first time I had ever taken an online class with several other participants.  I was a little worried something might go wrong and I would miss the class or not be able to participate.  Everything was good.  It was a color correcting class.  I'm obsessed about getting the skin to have the exact measurements its supposed to so I loved it.  I found the best way to correct skin is with color curves.  Who knew?  I was always adjusting my color balance which I found out is definitely not the best way.  I love learning new things in photoshop so it was great.


The Ridgeways said...

I am so glad you liked the class! I still really want you to come over and see my scrapbook program sometime.

Ashleigh said...

Laura! I sent Lincoln's newborn pictures into Utah Valley magazine's baby contest and he won!! He'll be in the May/June issues. Thanks to a wonderful photographer!