Apr 27, 2010

Photography Tip

I'm so excited to get this lens today. I've known I've needed it for awhile now. My oh my how equipment adds up fast.

This lens was around $900ish + at picturline. When I upgraded from my Nikon D200 to My Nikon D700 I purchased a 50 mm 1.4 lens ($450ish). Previously I had been using a 50 mm 1.8 ($150ish) Things changed a lot with that 50 mm lens. The Nikon D200 was not a full framed camera - meaning it didn't capture as much space (sorry I'm bad with words). Using the D700 with the same lens almost (50 mm) seemed like I was using a wide angled lens. I needed a lens that pulled the subject closer to me. So this is it. These are things I really would have loved to understand when I was purchasing some of my first equipment so that's why I'm sharing that information here.

Anyway, this lens allows me to stand farther away from my subjects which can actually make them more flattering. If you stand too close to your subject their nose can appear larger and their ears disappear. This is a great portrait lens which sharpness should exceed the 50 mm that I've previously been using. This lens is supposed to make beautiful bokehs when used at a low aperture (bokeh = means blurred backgrounds with amazing color). So fun, I can't wait to get out and shoot with it.

One more tip. Why not just purchase a lens that can scoot in and out depending if you want wider or shorter? Well, that type of lens is simply not as sharp as a solid lens. There is definitely a need and a place for them. I always borrow my sister's 70 mm to 200 mm for horse shows. It's like a spoting scope and will bring my subject close to me when I'm up in the stands. Love it. Need it. But, because it is a zoom lens I may loose just a little sharpness from the solid lenses.


The Ridgeways said...

Do you have a link to it at pictureline? I would love to read about it. Brent just got the 1.8 50mm and it has been fun and actually has gotten me to want to try more slr stuff.

Lore said...

Laura, what size is this one? I have been drooling over a 50mm 1.4 that Tracy has, love it, want it. I know that feeling!

Cori Henderson said...

I want to try out that lens Laura, but first I have to get a fully frame camera:)

Laura said...

This is a 105 mm lens. Great for portraits.

blog for steveLi said...

Brent just got the 1.8 50mm and it has been fun and actually has gotten me to want to try more slr stuff.cheap tv cell phone