Aug 3, 2010


My kid's took swimming lessons a few times this year. I even thought about signing them up one more time. . . . but I think I'm done. They've come so far with their swimming abilities. For some reason all three of my kid's came hating water. When it was time for Baylee to be baptized we wondered if she would let her Dad dunk her under the water. But, luckily they are all coming along really well.





The Pink Porch said...

I love that last one of Jennica:)

Cori Henderson said...

Your kids are just too cute! We just miss them. I've been missing swimming lessons. Its 103 degrees here today, but it feels like 110 cause humidity is up to 80%!!! That pool is looking very nice right now.

Heather said...

Your photos are beautiful, you are inspiring me to take better photos!

Lori said...

too cute! we did three sessions of swimming lessons and still no putting her face in for more then a couple of seconds to blow bubbles...I'm thinking I need to sign up at the ymca for winter lessons.