Aug 27, 2010

Water Pipe

So our culinary water usage went from about 3000 gallons per month to 85,000 gallons per month this summer. David found standing water in our field so he dug it out and found that the copper lateral coming into the house and barn had little pin holes throughout the entire pipe. It needs to be replaced. So today David and a friend dug it up. . . . . accidentily took out the phone line (no I don't have a phone today maybe not tomorrow either) and the power line for the barn. . . . and of course there is no water.

Unfortunately the water line goes under our driveway so we'll see what we can do about that. Sometimes things just happen I guess. . .



The driveway that the water pipe goes under.


Braxton loves the red rocks that blue stakes made when they sprayed for the utility lines.



The Ridgeways said...

OUCH bet that water bill was painful to see! I hope the driveway survives!

Cori Henderson said...

That seriously stinks! I want to talk to you today so I hope your phones are back on. At least you have the internet.