Aug 27, 2010

I have been loving these. . . . . .

We got the cutest little chicks this spring. And now we get a lot of this. . .
Braxton helped me set up the shot. We had to get his "cool" glasses in this. Also, notice the one huge egg at the end. I have no idea why the chicken laid this enormous egg. Ouch, poor chicken.



The kid's found a little gardner snake today. They put it in my favorite tupperware bowl that I use for left overs (you know the one - the only one you can still find a lid to). They then put the tupperware in the garage. Later when I asked about the snake the kids informed me it got away. Yikes!


Mud is still the best form of entertainment at our house. And yes Jennica is wearing her school clothes and no she hasn't started school yet.


Got a get a picture of Braxton in here somewhere.

I love my flowers in my front yard. I never plant any flowers. I just collect the seeds of the snap dragons and spread them around in the Fall and Spring. The other yellowish/orangish flower just spreads everywhere.



The Ridgeways said...

hmmm, I don't like planting flowers, I may give this snap dragon thing a try!

Cori Henderson said...

Awww, these pics make me homesick:( I want to come hang out at your house. BTW that egg is huge! Poor chicken!!!

Barbara said...

David noticed the pretty flower when we were over visiting Saturday evening. He asked Braxton if he helped you plant the flowers and Braxton told him you never plant flowers. Now we know "the rest of story."

Camille Winona Photography said...

Are these the baby chicks from the Allpine's? Wow they have grown up! Wish we had chickens and eggs!