Oct 29, 2008

Crap Happen's

The stomach flu came to visit us last week. It started with Braxton on Wednesday night. He started throwing up around 11:00 PM and threw up every 1/2 hour until 5:00 AM. It hit Jennica on Saturday. David got sick Saturday night and didn't fair too much better than Braxton did. And finally Baylee threw up Sunday night and missed school on Monday.

Even though I have been thrown up on plus cleaned everything up I still haven't got the flu. It has been such a blessing that I have been able to take care of everyone else. We've had a few casualties though. Our old trusty couch took a big beating. I tried to protect it with all the towells but it still got hit. At one point David and I decided to get a new couch and then about an hour later one of the twins spilled a cup of apple juice that Baylee left in the family room all over trusty blue. It made me rethink it. I know once we get a new couch there will be rules that will have to be enforced where now they are just rules but no one pays much attention. So, I'm deciding. Meanwhile, I have been scrubbing down the old blue couch and trying to sanitize it.


Cori said...

Poor kids. At least you got it over with. Hopefully they won't get it for a long time. In the meanwhile, try to catch up on some rest this week that you didn't get last week.

Kerri said...

Oh, I am sorry about that! The flu is no fun! I am always so thankful when it misses me so I can take care of everyone. I truly think Heavenly Father blesses moms so they can do it all!

Camille said...

They look soo sad! I hate it when kids are sick. Especially on holidays like poor Camiah. That is just our luck.