Oct 8, 2008

Stories from the past

I've really enjoyed reading my sister Camille's stories on her blog lately. They've made me laugh and has actually been quite entertaining for me. Well, I found my friend Lori's family blog where she and her sisters reminisce about all the fun times they had growing up. I really liked the idea so I'm going to share two of my favorite growing up stories. And sisters you can do the same thing but the rules are: Nice please.

Story #1. Of course these are Camille stories because they are definitely the funniest and the most entertaining. If you have been reading her blog lately you will see there is hardly any dull minutes in her life. She creates excitement.

Okay, so it is 1985ish. I had my drivers license and my little sister Camille did not (she was not happy about that situation). So she drove our little bright yellow Dotson 210 up and down our long circular driveway. Well, I needed the car. My friend Heather Dees and I flagged her down and explained to her that we needed to go somewhere for reals not just up and down the driveway. She replied, "Sorry the car's busy - I'm using it". Away she drove up and down, again and again. After awhile I flagged her down again and she stopped to listen to our request and hurried away again, so the third time she came really close to me and I pretended that she ran over my foot. I started screaming and I threw myself on the lawn in pretend pain. She jumped out of the car in a frenzy - boy was she upset that she ran over my foot. As soon as she was wailing over me - my friend and I dashed for the car and sped away. I can't remember her being mad at me when I got back but I'm sure she was.

Story #2. Camille finally got her drivers license and had been driving for some time. She came home one day in the Dotson with a bunch of dirt on top of it. My Dad noticed the dirt on top of the car right away. He confronted Camille about the dirt and asked her why it was on top of the car. She told him in a very flippant manner, "Oh I ran into a mountain, but don't worry Dad I didn't hurt the car." Dad very indignant said, "Oh yeah, what about that broken tail light." Camille quick as can be replied that it had been broken before she took the car and ran it into a mountain. My Dad kept drilling her about the tail light being broken before she hit the mountain - like he kinda didn't believe her. Camille kept saying she was positive that the tail light was broken before she ran into the mountain. Finally my Dad said, "Camille there is no broken tail light." Oops.


Camille said...

Do I have a target on my face for trouble? We were silly growing up, but of course we had a very silly dad. I guess that's were I get it from. Craziness!

Cori said...

I love those stories. I need to think of some. We'll see what I come up with. Maybe I'll come up with a non-camille story:)

Lori said...

Those stories are so funny! I still remember your dad showing up on our doorstep with the "pig" scarecrow thing! and the fake ferret in a cage in the trunk of his car.