Oct 10, 2008

Witches this year

Jennica trying on her little witch costume

She loves it because it is sparkly. Baylee has a matching one which makes Jennica really happy.

Jennica giving us her very best witchy, scary look.

Luckily it fits great.

Braxton will be in his cowboy outfit even though he's going to be a pirate this year.


Cori said...

Oh my gosh she looks so cute in her costume! I love it. I wish Brielle's fit her better (its a bit big) but I am hoping she can wear it next year too. Jennica is so adorable in that costume though. So cute!
P.S. it was fun cycling with you today! Although I feel like I am going to crash when I walk down the stairs:)

Cori said...

P.S.S we need to get to Gardner Village next week and let the kiddies wear their little costumes! Lets plan a day, or did we already? I can't remember!!!!

Camille said...

Too cute for words! But if I had to come up with one, it would be. . .precious! Way to capture a moment in time you will never forget as they get older.

Lori said...

So cute! Braxton is too funny! He seems so content.

cheryl said...

Wow! Jennica looks so cute in her costume! I hade so much fun going to Garden Village today! I wond like to come over angin. I rilly like Pumpkin the cat.