Oct 15, 2008

Halloween Pasts

Halloween 2005 "Our twins first Halloween" I remember that this is how I carried the twins at the same time. One in the carrier and the other in my arm. It was hard but doable. Don't think I would want to do it again though. Luckily both babies were pretty agreeable.

Baylee's four going on five in this photo. She is surrounded by her cute cousins.

Sierra, Jennica, and Brielle last year at Gardner Village.

Brielle, Corbin, and Braxton at Gardner Village last year.

The gang last year at Gardner Village (Baylee was in the first grade and was in school.)


Cori said...

Hey Laura,
when do you get the rest of your pictures from Sugar N Spice? I can't wait to see them. Also, I have way more adorable pictures from last year of your kids I need to get you. So cute!

Lori said...

That's so cute to see the past pics...does that part seem like a blur. (carrying them around)

Laura said...

Hi Lori. It was a total blur. Especially when they got sick and no one slept for a few weeks. Neither kid was a hard baby but together they were a force to reckon with. Once they started crawling Baylee called it baby attack as they would go after her toys. It was comical. But, life is definately easier now.