Oct 8, 2008

Tagged by Corianne

I usually don't do tags. But, Corianne talked to me on the phone about it so I guess I will......

8 TV shows I love to watch (I usually don't watch any TV except for the Biggest loser - although, I wish I could always watch Good things Utah & Studio 5 there always fun shows but come on when I'm too busy.)

1. The Biggest Loser
2. 6:00 news
3. Good things Utah
4. Studio 5
5. Disney Cars. It's a movie but we watch that first race where McQeen ties the race with his tongue almost every day. After the race is over the kids lose interest.
6. Arthur (I actually like this cartoon) I know pathetic
7. That's it
8. That's it.

8 things that I did yesterday

1. Got Baylee ready for school
2. Got the twins and myself ready for the day
3. Called my Young Women to remind them about YW at my house.
4. Made really good zucchini bread with my beautiful Young Women
5. Got Baylee off to gymnastics
6. Did tons of laundry got almost everything washed including my kids bedding
7. Cleaned toilets
8. Mopped my kitchen floor

8 favorite places to eat
1. Cafe Rio (Chicken salad, yum)
2. Olive Garden
3. Maccaroni Grill
4. Magelbeys
5. The Pie
6. Subway
7. Los Hermonos
8. The Great Steak

8 things I am looking forward to
1. The Holiday's (so much fun and lots of parties)
2. To remove the fly stip above my kitchen sink
3. My husband cleaning the garage
4. When I lose 40 pounds
5. Getting rid of all these kitties
7. My husband fixing the icemaker
8. Baylee's baptism

8 things on my wish list
1. A new and remodeled laundry/mud room
2. A garden that actually produces vegetables.
3. Kids that actually put their toys away when their done
4. A husband who actually talks about his feelings.
5. A chocolate weight lose program
6. A dinner that actually tastes good to both my kids and husband
7. To not burn the beans again (my house smells nasty today because of this one)
8. To have a cook

8 people I tag 1. Camille 2. Lori 3. Dezi 4. Sarah 5. Wendy 6. Kristen
Okay, I only tagged 6 people - and no pressure. I usually don't do these so only if you want to. k.


Lori said...

pressures on--it might take me a little bit to figure out how to move it to my blog...but I'll do it.

Lori said...

K I know I've done this before, but you're going to have to remind me how to move it.

Barbara said...

Let me know how things go with the wish list. If you are successful, I'll want tips especially on #3. Kaitlyn will graduate from high school in about 8 months and still doesn't have that down.