Oct 10, 2008

The Twins go to Hee Haws for Preschool

No, the chicken is not real. I thought it was for a minute too.

Braxton listening to the instructions with his preschool group.

Jennica petting a cow.

This slide was awesome. Braxton cried when we moved onto the next activitiy. Jennica on the other hand went down once and didn't want anymore.

We had a fun time. We thought the weather wouldn't last but it did. I got a few cute pictures of William Taylor (which I will post on my picture blog so Wendy can copy them.)


Cori said...

So fun! I want to go there too. That is someplace I've never taken my kids. Lets plan a day to do that. I am hoping winter doesn't come early this year so we can fit all this in!!!

Camille said...

It looks like the kids would love Hee Haw. I know they would love that slide. How fun for your kids to go somewhere that fun and exciting at pre-K. We should plan a Fall marathon and go to all the fun places when we get a warm spell.