Oct 16, 2008


This is a few of us. We were taking pictures as we waited for Camille and Teara to come with their kids. We had lots of fun.

Brielle, Baylee, and Brooke

Baylee and Brooke welcoming us into the house made of straw. The three little pigs would have been proud of this house. I don't think that big bad wolf could blow it down. Cool.

A few cousins

Jennica had a cold but was a trooper. Her voice is deep as it is - but with a scratchy voice it was very comical. She had a good time though.


Camille said...

It was fun today!!! I know my kids really enjoyed it!

Cori said...

Cute pictures! That was fun. Now we need to head on to Gardner Village, yay!

Barbara said...

You do a great job on your blog. I enjoy getting a glimpse of your life this way. Thanks for last night. We had a great time. We were still chuckling over some of the stories as we went to bed. Laughter is good medicine.

Anonymous said...

hi, new to the site, thanks.