Sep 7, 2008

Braxton's new camera poses

Sometimes I will get a squinty smile.

I get this look a lot lately.

A little mischievous don't you think?


Cori said...

I loved all these posts. Such fun pictures. Braxton's sure a cutie pie. Hope they all just love gymnastics. Sounds like your going to have a day similar to mine, running kids (in my case kid) around. Fun stuff. Anyway, hope you have a great day.

Kaylene said...

Hey Laura, thanks for stopping by my blog to say "hi" cute kiddos. Yup two of my kids have the red hair. You should see the comments we get from people when they see Michaela, Daniel and I with the brown, then here's Brin and Easton with the red. We just tell people we like red hair so we color it! Keep in touch!!

Kathryn said...

Hey Laura, Talk about cute kids!! You take such great pictures also. We do need to get together!!! We need to plan it and not just keep saying it. It so fun to see your twins they are getting so big. Are they three like Talmage? Our twins are 18 months nursery yeah!! Have a fun day!