Sep 25, 2008

Legacy Elementary "The Pumpkin Walk"

David with the twins at the entrance.

Mrs. Stone's 2nd grade class. The theme was everone can be a good sport. It was really cute. They had pictures of the kids heads with a jersey on their pumpkins. An added bonus was that it was a very easy display to do. Nice for Mom and Dad. Last year we spent an evening making a penguin that we were so proud of - but, when we got to the display I think ours was one of the sorriest looking pumpkins there. We felt better about this one.

What a classy idea. The black and Red pumpkins really popped.

I loved the Yoda pumpkin. It was probably my favorite.

This was just out of this world.


Camille said...

Wow, Legacy does some fun stuff. I should take the kids down. Such cute photos!

Cori said...

Cute pictures. I love the pumpkin walk. Last night Sierra got my shoes and her shoes and Mark's shoes and told me we were going to see pumpkins. So cute. I think its going to be a family tradition, whether we have kids there or not.