Sep 28, 2008

A strange Fear of Bears

Baylee always talks about Bears. She has an extreme fear of them. Last year Grandpa Taylor had a camp fire going in his back yard. During this campfire he told several scary bear stories - I even think this is right after a boy was killed by a bear up the canyon last year. Anyway, Grandpa lined his friend up to come into the group wearing Grandpa's buffolo hide and pretending to be a bear. Well they were succesful at scaring the pants off of at least one person: Baylee. She has never forgot it and continues to bring it up. We have found you don't tease about bears. Well, she found this sign a little frightening.

Just a little unnerving for her. . . .

David made things a little lighter because kids love to scare and not to be scared.

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The Sampson Family said...

Id be more afraid of david than that little bear-cody-