Sep 16, 2008

The Van

Cascade Collission jus emailed these to me today. Last week they told me my van would be done on Friday. Today, they informed me the hood that just came in had a wrinkle in it and they had to send it back. Therefore, no vehicle until next Wedensday. Ouch. It will almost be one month without a vehicle. I know I should be thankful that we didn't have any injuries which I am - but, but, but, yuck I really want my wheels back. Oh well, we'll just make do like we have been. It's doable but I can really sympathize with people that share a car now or have no vehicle at all. How spoiled we really are.


Cori said...

OUCH! That looks bad! I can't believe that you won't have a car till next Wednesday!!! If you need any help let me know. I'll always be happy to pick you up to go to the park:)

Lori said...

That does look like a lot of damage...and wow luckily no one was hurt.

Marci said...

Laura's van! It isn't SUPER fun to only have one car...but it can be done! We are a one car family (have been for over a year and since Scott rides his bike or the bus...we just coordinate more. Jokingly I tell him, "It increases our couple communication". Best wishes to the van that the precious cargo it carries. When it returns, you'll have to celebrate it home with a new sticker on the back window!!

Camille said...

Oh my word Laura! It's a good thing you're all right!

Holt Family Fun said...

ouch that looks like it hurt ... good thing you are all ok. Now that you are getting it fixed ... you can come down and see us :)
Will you let me know what you use to make your heading on your page?

Love you all tons